Grove of Aristotle


  • Coordinates:

    40.529350, 23.748169

There is nothing better than theory being applied in practice! How about indulging yourself with the Grove’s unique interactive instruments, implementing the natural laws, which are included in the writings of Aristotle, especially in his book, The Natural . Thousands of tourists visit Stageira, in this magnificent location, in order to experiment with the solar clock, the pentaphone, the optic discs, the hydro-turbine etc. in an one of a kind combination of education and entertainment. Children will absolutely adore it! In 2014 the Acropolis Museum exhibited the famous bust of Aristotle, unearthed in 2005 during the excavations in the land of sculptor Nikola, the creator of the philosopher’s imposing statue which dominates the grove.

There is also a café-restaurant offering a wonderful view to the Ierissos Gulf and Athos Mountain.