Former Hirsch Hospital (Ippokrateio Hospital)


  • Coordinates:

    40.612460, 22.961424

  • Address:

    49 Konstantinoupoleos Street

Clara de Hirsch, wife of Baron Maurice Hirsch, a Jewish tycoon banker from Austria, spent 200.000 gold francs for the construction of the hospital which would serve the needs of the Jewish community. The building was designed by the Italian architect Pierro Arrigoni and operated from 1908 until 1941. During the period of the German occupation it covered the needs of the German army. After the liberation, the Hirsch Hospital was used by British military units and then by the Greek Red Cross, up to 1950. Today it is one of the buildings of the premises of Ippokrateio Hospital of Thessaloniki, one of the largest public hospitals in Greece.