Villa Fernandez or Casa Bianca


  • Coordinates:

    40.596490, 22.956017

  • Address:

    Junction of Vassilissis Olgas Avenue & Th. Sofouli Street

Casa Bianka, the ornament of Thessaloniki, is one of the city’s most beautiful mansions. Its unique architecture adopting the eclecticism style, as well as, the romantic story connected to the mansion between the owner’s daughter, Alina, and the Greek Lieutenant Spyros Alibertis, established it as a symbol of true love that knocked the early 20th century conventionalities over. More here.

The Italian architect Pierro Arrigoni built Casa Biance in 1912 for the wealthy Italo-Jew Dino Fernandez-Diaz as a gift for his Swiss wife Blanche, in the so-called District of Exohon, the area prominent families used to build their country-side residences. In 1941 Casa Bianca was confiscated and was used by the Italians as the house of their consul, as well as by the Germans later on. Today it houses the Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki.