Palace of the Roman Caesar Gaius Valerius Galerius Maximianus


  • Coordinates:

    40.630840, 22.949192

  • Phone:

    2310 221 266 & 2310 269 622

  • Working hours:

    8:30-15:30, Tuesday: closed  

  • Ticket price:

    Free entrance

It is one of the most important monuments of Late Antiquity in the entire Greek world, essentially an open-air archaeological museum in Navarinou square area in the center of the city. This imposing building complex started to be constructed in the late 3rd – early 4th century AD and was part of the Galerian Complex (total area 150.000 sq.m,) which also included the Triumphal Arch (Kamara), the Hippodrome, the Rotunda (special monument, balancing between the pagan and Christian world). In the archaeological site of the palace you will see the colonnaded courtyard and the Royal, which functioned as a hall for formal hearings, the tank for collecting water, Bath and Hippodrome while in the southwestern part of the site, at the Octagon, was probably the throne hall.