If you are a wine lover, Thessaloniki will definitely spoil you. There are three wineries open to the public, offering awarded wines at significant international contests, a Wine Museum exhibiting one of the largest corkscrew collections worldwide, an important annual wine-testing festival, an international Wine and Spirits Competition, wine bars, wine-tasting shows, as well as an urban vineyard in the center of the city! Furthermore, departing from Thessaloniki, you can enjoy your tour at the exceptional Wine Roads throughout Northern Greece, in an absolutely gorgeous landscape, among the areas’ rich cultural treasures.

Kindly remember that since ancient times, vineyards and wine were considered as divine gifts of the Greek land, closely connected to the Greek history, art and tradition.

Your wine trip in Thessaloniki has just begun!

Wine Roads of Northern Greece

Discover the rich viticultural areas of Northern land, stop at celebrated wineries, taste exceptional wines on the spot, visit beautiful natural landscapes, archaeologica