Archaeological Site of Pella


Ancient Pella was the capital of the Macedonian state from the end of the 5th to the early 4th century BC.

The archaeological site of Pella, includes part of the residential area of the city, with houses that had mosaic floors with themes of God Dionysus (exhibited in Pella museum), the deer hunt, the abduction of Helen by Theseus, the Amazonomachy and geometric plans, part of the market, temples and the Palace.

Museum of Pella

The Archaeological Museum of Pella is located within the archaeological site and includes findings from the ancient market of the city, private houses, shrines and cemeteries. At the same time, findings from prehistoric settlements and cemeteries of the wider region are exhibited. Ιt covers a period from the Neolithic to the Roman period and most important exhibit is the famous mosaic floors from the rich houses of Pella and the marble head of Alexander the Great, this great historical personality who was born and has grown in Pella.