Axios Delta National Park


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    40.534850, 22.729176

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    Up to 30 minutes

  • Prefecture:

    Regional Unit of Thessaloniki

On the west coast of the Thermaiκοs gulf lies one of the most important ecosystems in Greece and in Europe: the Axios Delta National Park. Beginning just 10 klms southwest of the city of Thessaloniki, it consists of the Kalochori Lagoon, the Gallikos river estuary, the Axios delta and riverbed, the Aliakmonas delta, the Nea Agathoupoli wetland and the Alyki Kitrous Lagoon in Pieria.

All these ecosystems constitute a valuable protected area that hosts hundreds of species, plants and animals, some of which are rare. In the same time it offers with generosity its gifts to the humans: oxygen and water, agricultural products such as the famous rice and mussels of the area.

A further priceless gift is on offer to visitors: tranquility, getting in touch with nature, the chance to get up close to flamingos, great egrets, the wild horses of Axios Delta and other marvelous creatures of the area.

In the Thermaikos Gulf Protected Areas Management Authority website ( you can explore possibilities to visit the area, as well as the Axios Delta Information Center and the Nea Agathoupoli Birwatching Tower.

The area belongs to the Natura 2000 Network of European Protected Areas, and is also one of the ten wetlands in Greece protected by the Ramsar Convention.