With exquisite bars and internationally award-winning bartenders, in Thessaloniki you will find bars of any kind and style: cocktail bars with signature cocktails, selected whiskey bars with wine cellar and beers from around the world, wine bars with a large variety of wine labels, café bars, bar- restaurants, etc., bars that choose to play from mainstream foreign music, pop, rock and soul, all time classic, funky, electronic, house, indie, dance to latin and jazz. When it comes to decoration, you can find industrial, romantic, vintage, modern, alternative and sometimes London or New York-style bars will make you feel comfortable with their relaxed atmosphere. During the summer months you can enjoy your drink on the roof, since some city buildings convert their rooftops in entertainment places, even in cinemas!

    The bars in Thessaloniki await you in the city center and the suburbs. In the center the most hot spots are located in Ladadika and the area around Valaoritou Street offering a wide array of food and drink, on the White Tower area, on Mitropoleos street and its slashes in Iktinou and the vertical Zefxidos Street in Proxenou Koromila str, in Pavlou Mela str. To the east, you will find beautiful old houses, which made bars for those who want to take a drink in a more nostalgic atmosphere.

    Your choices are many and the bar hopping imperative! Do not start early. The bars in Thessaloniki go to .. sleep very late!