Music Showcase of Greece


    MSG is a three-day showcase festival of fresh artists from all of Europe and beyond, during which around 30 acts perform at different venues in Thessaloniki. The international conference focuses on the music industry and creativity.

    #MSG as one of the 60 music showcases in Europe, premiered in Thessaloniki in 2018. It counts two very successful events and has already been established in the Greek cultural agenda as a multi-level music event. Its purpose is to provide music, education and entertainment for the public to musicians and professionals alike, while at the same time creating the conditions for professional agreements and possible synergies between artists and producers.

    #MSG presents new group and solo artists to the public, but also to people from the domestic and international music industry.

    The days of #MSG are inviting music producers, representatives of record companies and cultural organizations, curators and artistic directors of festivals and journalists to listen and get to know musicians from all over Greece and abroad. Thus, MSG creates an international networking between artists and all of them so that musicians can present and promote their work to made professional aggrements..

    The MSG program also includes workshops, B2B meetings and the now-established conference, where all musicians meet and discuss innovations, marketing, music trends and how extraversion can make any music product go out of bounds. The conference and B2B meetings are an excellent opportunity for the music community to interact, inspire and be inspired.

    MSG is a trademark of Thessaloniki’s music tourism. During the five-day festival, the city is transformed into an international meeting point, where all guests enjoy local gastronomy, hospitality and history of the place through cultural tours and guided tours.

    The #MSG with 50 artistists contributions and 55 official international and nationa guests in the first 2 events of the music industry achieved its goals, giving bands and solo artists the opportunity to export their music and collaborate with foreign countries.

    # MSG3 will be integrated with INES (Innovation Networking of Europe Showcases) and the promotion that the festival will receive, as well as Thessaloniki, will be even greater and international. (