The Mindtrap


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    40.634355, 22.940726

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    (+30) 2310 269885

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    Junction of Tsimiski Street & 18, Komninon Street – 2nd Floor

Dare to open the door of the greatest Escape Room in Europe? Nine rooms constitute nine different thematic worlds, with thousands of riddles and mysteries waiting to be solved. Its concept is simple; lock yourself and your team in a themed room for 60 minutes. You need to solve the riddles and mysteries that keep you locked.

The Mindtrap was initiated in Thessaloniki in September 2014. Its immense success continued in Athens (Kolonaki, Monastiraki), Piraeus, Larisa, Ioannina, Komotini and Hios, with more than 300,000 visitors! In a large space located in the city centre, nine different themed rooms will entrap you, fascinate you throughout different worlds and awake your deepest self-preservation instincts. Insanity, The Final Lunch, Prisoners of Hope, Stalingrad, Space Odyssey, Lost Kingdom, together with first floor Horror and Evil Mansion rooms, Saw, as well as the unique Silent Hills with spooky real actor performances that will thrill you!