Dinosaur park


  • Coordinates:

    40.701552, 22.939591

  • Phone:

    (+30) 2310686544 & mob. (+30) 6976432675

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  • Working hours:

    Tours are being held by paleontologist on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays from 11:00 to 19:00. (Last tour at 18:00)

    Visits from schools and societies are being held throughout the week after telephone booking.

  • Address:

    7th klm. of Thessaloniki - Oreokastro

  • Access:

    Bus No56 (from the New Railway Station of Thessaloniki)

    Lidl Bus stop

An impressive world comes alive in the Park of the Dinosaurs. In an area of about 10 acres, representations – in real dimensions – illuminate the history of prehistoric animals that lived millions of years ago, offering a unique entertainment and learning experience for all!

Its theme parks will fascinate you:

-The Botanic Garden with herbs and Mediterranean plants

-The Museum of Mammoth, with fossils of the hairy mammoth, which is a symbol of the ice age and other animal fossils of that era such as the hairy rhinoceros and sabertooth.

-The Cave of the human species evolution, with impressive lighting and representations of the most widespread and recognizable species of man, in moments of his everyday life.

-The Park of mammals, full of mammals that lived and dominated Greece in the past in physical size.

-The Park of reptiles where apart from lizards, snakes and turtles that exist today, the emphasis is given on Prehistoric Reptiles.

-The Sea Life Park, which includes representations of animals that existed or still exist in the seas of Greece, among them the sperm whales in natural size.

-The Nutritional educational theme park “Ancient Greek Farm ‘, which includes representations depicting the ancient way of making bread, cheese, olive oil, honey, tahini and the daily activities of the farm in antiquity.

-The Interactive Museum of Traditional Game

Next to environmental dinosaur Park you will find huge indoor and outdoor playgrounds, cycling, pitches, mini funfair and mini – golf.