• Coordinates:

    40.511733, 22.868468

Just a few kilometers from Thessaloniki, quaint resorts of Thermaikos Gulf, almost joined with the city, are the closest breaths of relaxation and coolness. With easy access even by bus but also the small boats during the summer,  PereaNei Epivates (Baxe Tsifliki), Agia Triada and Epanomi offered for a quick getaway for swimming even on weekdays. For several decades constitute a favorite summer wayout for the Thessalonians, since in Agia Triada opened the first organized camping in Greece. With excellent infrastructure, busy all year long, large sandy beaches, awarded with blue flags (rank 2015),  Perea,  Nei Epivates, Agia Triada / PIKPA and Potamos waiting for you to enjoy the sea,  enjoy your coffee and your drink by the sea and of course taste the delicious seafood taverns.