Sfendami Mountain Festival


  • Coordinates:

    40.413338, 22.550030

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    There is an everyday line from Thessaloniki to Sfendami, as well as, regular lines from Thessaloniki to Katerini and from Athens to Katerini.


    Stop at Katerini or Aiginio train stations

The annual Sfendami Mountain Festival appeals to lovers of mountain biking and running. Every year, during spring time, for a fortnight, the hill of Profitis Ilias overflows with competitiveness and activities for everybody. Mountain running of 20.6km, 10km and 5km are also included among the races, giving the chance not only to athletes, but also to lovers of mountain and healthy lifestyle, to participate. Mountain biking races extend to 38km and 21km. Running and biking races for children are also included, together with balloon races and other activities available for our young friends. The event is hosted by SFENDAMOS, an urban non-profit organization, based in Sfendami. It is accessible by car. Sfendami is located close to the national road of Katerini towards Thessaloniki at the 15km, just 5km distance from the Makriyialos exit. From Thessaloniki to Katerini is located at the 45th km of the national road.