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The Prototype Athletic Centre of Thessaloniki called OLYMPIADA, was established in January 2012, with the Athletics Academy being its Foundation including more than 120 active athletes (Agiou Dimitriou street inside Kaftanzogleio stadium).

The club remains loyal to its principle of development of sports through a different spectrum, creating from the very first year of its establishment and applying unique and innovative programmes which change current trends in terms of training and evaluation, thus realizing the necessary conditions for the achievement of its goals:

1.The unique modern training Centre in Nothern Greece is full equipped with special facilities for athletes of all sports (such as football, basketball, martial arts, athletics, tennis etc) in order for them to improve their natural skills (Peston 78 Kato Toumpa)

2.Besides the Athletics academy the inspiror of these programmes and trainer of the National Athletics Team Stefanos Mamalis runs the following programmes:

  • Speedfactory (which was used in athletes who reached international and Olympic level) and still preparing athletes
  • iRun, for long distance runners
  • Programmes for the preparation of candidates of Military Academies, Police, Academy, the Fire Department and S.E.F.A.A. (the school of science of physical education and sports).

3.The athletics camp wich was firstly organized by P.A.C. OYMPIADA and since its establishment has served as a role model for all athletics teams of the city and generally in Greeceathletics camp which was firstly organized by P.A.K. OLYMPIADA and since its establishment has served as a role model for all athletics teams of the city and generally in Greece

4. Unique and innovative programmes :

  • The FORMULA – HYPER RELAY race which combines the speed sprint in a Formula 1 type race
  • BEACHATHLETICS, a new type of field races where athletes of all ages take part in events of classical athletics in our beautiful beaches
  • BIG BRAKE, a new prototype programme which is used with students of all grades of primary school, combines traditional and contemporary creative games and athletic activities. Our club runs this programme for the last 2 years and 8000 students have taken part in it
  • The METRIX, a new system of evaluating athletes of both team and individual sports aimed at developing individual and natural skills and abilities