Full day cruise in the crystal clear sea of Thessaloniki’s nearby beaches



    Join Sailinfoam for a private, memorable and breathtaking experience to the beaches of Thessaloniki. Enjoy a full day cruise in the crystal clear sea of Thermaikos Bay! With the comfortable, safe and luxurious boat Hunter 460 – BLUE FOAM – you will sail the deep blue! We will look at beautiful and sunny beaches, we will explore and swim in the turquoise waters and see places with magnificent view where you will swim, sunbathe and snorkel.

    The main destination is the Navagio beach in Epanomi area opposite of Mt. Olympus, the residence of the Greek Gods! You will get amazed by the spectacle of a cape in the shape of a sandy tongue that gets into the sea. A long literally sandy coastline with shells, turquoise waters competing in beauty with the different setting of a shipwreck. At noon before the hunger conquers us, you will taste a delicious lunch prepared by the Captain with fragrance of Northern Greece with the accompaniment of local wine while listening to Greek music! And there is more! We are able to bring your fantasies to life with activities, private tours and attractions on offer.

    Grab your camera, your bathing suit and embark on for an unforgettable experience!

    -The vessel is available for charter for 1 up to 8 persons on a daily basis.
    -The charter cost include: skipper, wine, appetizer and fuels
    -All the cruises can be modified due to the weather