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    Following the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between Thessaloniki Tourism Organization and the Tourism Organization of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the International Exhibition Philoxenia 2019, the two bodies are making dynamic promotional moves.
    The Representative Office of the Republic of Srpska in Greece undertook the translation of the official websites of the two Organizations into Serbian and Greek respectively.
    As it is known, a huge number of Serbs visit Central Macedonia every year as a summer destination.
    The translation of the website of the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization into Serbian, provides useful information that is necessary for Serbian travelers and aims to attract even more visitors and stimulate road tourism.
    Respectively, Greek tourists can now be informed in Greek from the official website of the Tourism Organization of the Republika Srpska of Bosnia.
    Guided by the fact that tourism is one of the main pillars of economic development of the two countries, the two organizations are investing in it, laying a solid foundation for 2021.