Thessaloniki Submits Drone-based App Idea in European GSA Competition


    The Thessaloniki Tourism Organization (TTO) is participating in MyGalileoDrone, an innovation competition organized by the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA).

    The contest’s idea is for participants to design, develop, test and prepare for commercial launch, a drone-based application and/or service able to provide a position and/or time fix by using a Galileo-enabled receiver.

    TTO has submitted an app that will promote Thessaloniki through aerial mapping with the use of drones and the Galileo tracking data.

    The app will provide the user with a virtual aerial tour of the city and present its points of interest.

    Furthermore, the app will offer the opportunity to users to create their own digital aerial routes and navigate over Thessaloniki.

    All of the competition’s drone-based applications must utilize and demonstrate the added values of Galileo including accuracy, availability and integrity.

    According to TTO, the drone application and services industry is growing rapidly in Europe, with revenue from drone services expected to reach 250 million euros by 2025.

    Furthermore, demand in Europe is expected to reach €10 billion on an annual basis by 2035, and over 15 billion euros per year by 2050, creating more than 100,000 jobs.