Kita van Slooten introduces Thessaloniki to the Dutch public.


    The Dutch journalist Kita van Slooten from the news website that displays news, finance & technology news, technology and everyday life issues, presented Thessaloniki in July as a destination that combines quality, well-being and gastronomy in a highly honorable article.

    Thessaloniki Tourism Organization in cooperation with the GNTO office in Netherlands, organized a fam-trip in Thessaloniki for the Dutch journalist and and in order to differentiate from similar articles aimed at the Dutch visitor, she presented the city through the eyes of Dutch people who live permanently in the city.

    It is worth noting that the website has 1.8 million visitors per month, is aimed at ages between 25 and 59, and is available to readers via TV, website, app & social media. The 84% of the public characterizes it as one of the most important business platforms with a high level of information and reliability.

    During her hospitality, journalist Kita van Slooten visited the monuments of Thessaloniki, the most characteristic parts of the city, trying the local cuisine and the unique hospitality of local people. She also visited nearby destinations such as Pieria and areas at the foot of Mount Olympus, leaving with the best impressions.