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The Central Macedonia Regional Development Fund was established in 1997 and is a private legal entity, belongs to the Region of Central Macedonia and is supervised by the “Legal auditing”. The Fund is managed by the Management Board and the President, who is the Prefect of Region of Central Macedonia.

Aim and responsibilities:

The Regional Development Fund is responsible for a number of responsibilities, which include:

* The management, in accordance with decisions of the regional credit council of the public investment program, public sector entities funding and other legal persons, funds coming from EU programs, other international organizations and other foreign bodies, concerning regional and special developmental programs of the region’s area.

* Supporting the development planning of wider regional spatial development units by providing required data to the relevant services.

* The technical support of the region, particularly in the development of studies and research and implementation programs entrusted to the Fund by the region for more efficient use of resources.

* Exercising its cash management.

* The participation in EU programs.

* Providing services, conduct research and prepare development, techno, organizational researches, as well as the supervision and implementation of programs the execution of which is entrusted to the Fund from public institutions.