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17 October 2023 - 4 February 2024

Eco Zoo Noesis: Theme Park with Robotic Animals in Thessaloniki

Noesis welcomes the world’s first captive-free Zoo in collaboration with Dream Workers and Eksagon Exhibition. An unforgettable, experiential, educational and entertaining experience for children and families.

Eco Zoo is the world’s first and only, eco-friendly animal park where all the animals, beasts are robotic and respond with impressive movements and sounds.

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Until 04 Feb 2024


09:00- 14:00






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Eco Zoo The first “zoo in the world”, without captive animals!

What is Eco Zoo in Noisis, Thessaloniki?

Eco Zoo is the first and only animal park in the world that has nothing to do with the captivity of living creatures, it does not require the waste of energy, food, medicine, does not even need water for their cleaning and overall it operates without the depletion of human resources for their care.

Eco Zoo is part of the new type of activities that combine entertainment and education in a unique way.
A whole realistic yet fairytale world is presented in different sections, combining entertainment and education in a unique way.

Elephants in Thessaloniki?
Rhinoceroses near the White Tower?
Penguins in Vardari?

A visit that will give you images from all continents with robotic animals while the real ones live happily in their natural environment.

This way we can get to know not only animals that live far away, but also animals that no longer exist! Mammoths, dinosaurs and – for the first time in Greece – we will see giant marine dinosaurs from the distant past!

The unique Robotic Animals Theme Park will be waiting for you from 17 October 2023 to 4 February 2024, at the NOESIS Science Dissemination Centre and Technology Museum – Thessaloniki.

Eco Zoo Νόησις: Θεματικό Πάρκο με Ρομποτικά Ζώα στη Θεσσαλονίκη

What will the “travellers” encounter in the “Eco Zoo”?

“Meeting” and getting to know the animals of all the continents of the planet that are part of the main exhibits of the park, is simply the occasion to open in a unique way the huge and important chapter of the natural environment, rapid climate change, global warming and its effects, biodiversity, the risk of extinction of thousands of animals, etc.

Visitors are introduced to the park through the screening room and an entertaining and humorous video, edited by the author and presenter Yannis Servetas.

The sequel is spectacular with the animals that disappeared. Huge Dinosaurs and Mammoths and for the first time in Greece, the wondrous world of Marine Dinosaurs is at Eco Zoo.

Huge and slightly smaller exhibits with movement and sound, visitors encounter them in a breathtakingly scenic marine environment. Soon after, young and old alike discover the animals of the planet on each continent.

Visitors’ “journey” to every corner of the globe is simply an opportunity to discover the causes of extreme weather events and disasters and the ways that our planet can become more friendly and hospitable to every living organism.

The role of Noesis:

The scientific team at Noesis used modern technological tools to communicate important scientific information to visitors through interaction and gamification:
A mobile app for smart phones (mobile app – smartphone) in the form of an audio tour and a hidden treasure-type game, where it aims to improve children’s understanding of the exhibits.
Three different interactive information stations were designed to provide information about the animals through games.
One station provides a realistic simulation of the senses of hearing and sight in selected animals as well as information about their anatomy.
The second station provides information about special powers that some animals possess through a game where visitors are invited to design their own “super animal”.
At the third information station, the visitor can identify endemic species of the Greek fauna and learn about endangered species in Greece.
An interactive table on Biodiversity provides information on the biodiversity of all the countries of the world as well as statistics about them. Through two games, visitors learn about megadiverse countries and test their knowledge.

Finally, each visitor can explore the interactive wall measuring 4 x 1.25 m which has defined points painted with conductive ink and through projection mapping can activate the animation projection that will explain the causes and effects of climate change on the planet.


17 October 2023
February 4
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6o χλμ. Θεσσαλονίκης – Θέρμης 57001 + Google Map