Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki


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    40.625196, 22.953828

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    (+30) 2313 310201

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    Mondays – Sundays 09:00 – 16:00

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    6, Manolis Andronikos Street, 54621, Thessaloniki

Close sights of the civilization developed in Macedonia, especially in the area of Thessaloniki and the counties attached, since the dawn of prehistory up to the late antiquity, are highlighted through the exhibition activity of the Archaeological museum of Thessaloniki. Its collections contain artifacts and findings of excavations, held by the Archaeological Service throughout Macedonia since 1912 until today. The exhibitions’ perspective is entirely focused on humans, depicting everyday life and habits in ancient societies. Eight units compose the museum’s exhibition activity, in order to familiarize visitors with the culture and people of Macedonia:

1. Prehistoric Macedonia

2. Towards the birth of cities

3. Macedonia from 7th c. BC till late antiquity

4. Thessaloniki, Macedonian metropolis

5. The gold of Macedon

6. Macedonia: form fragments to pixels

7. Field – House – Garden – Land

8. Memory and….Stones

The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki is a place of culture, education, science and communication. It implements educational programmes, periodical exhibitions about ancient or more contemporary times, promotes archaeological research and organizes special workshops, lectures, seminars and entertainment festivities. Since 1962 it is housed in a building, designed by architect Patroklos Karantinos, and it is a listed has been recognized as a monument of modern heritage, as it is one of the most representative examples of architectural modernism in Greece.