Balkan Wars Museum TOPSIN


  • Coordinates:

    40.729174, 22.699173

  • Phone:

    2310 716000 & 23910 22560 (Internal 5136)

  • Website:

  • Working hours:

    Opening Hours: Daily 09:00-14:00

  • Address:

    Gefyra village (25km from Thessaloniki)

  • Ticket price:

    Free Entrance

The building that houses the museum was used on 24 to 26 October, 1912 for the negotiations between the Greek commander in chief, heir Contstantinos and the representatives of the Ottoman forces commanding officer Hasan Tashin Pasha for the peaceful delivery of Thessaloniki to the Greek army. The exhibits consist of memorabilia of the Balkan wars, military uniforms of Greek officers, the Greek army’s weapons and revolvers, medals, Turkish, Serbian and Romanian war memorabilia, paintings, furniture and homeware of that particular period. In the premises of the museum, visitors come across the tombs of Hasan Tahsin Pasha and his son and adjutant, Kenal Mesare.

The building was constructed in 1905 as a country house of the Italian-Jew Yiako Modiano, a member of the most prominent families of Thessaloniki. His father, Saul Modiano was one of the richest people in the Ottoman Empire.

Unit in Charge: 787 TME

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