Crypt of Agios Dimitrios


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The crypt of Agios Dimitrios is located within the Temple of Agios Dimitrios. The entrance lies next to the right pillar of the pulpit and leads to the exact location that, according to tradition, Agios Dimitrios was imprisoned, died and was subsequently buried. It is the east side of a previous Roman Bath located close to the Forum and the stadium for the athletes’ convenience. Initially the crypt was a place of honoring Agios Dimitrios for the Christian Thessalonians, through holy water acquired by the basin that flowed from a fountain still preserved, at the north side of the church. Since 10th century the fountain is associated with the Myron collected by the flock in ceramic, glass or metal containers. A Chapel with a pierced opening at the east angle is located within the Crypt, while the Crypt itself hosts a permanent exhibition of relics from the Basilica and the site’s excavations.