Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki


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    Sundays, Tuesdays & Fridays: 11:00 – 14:00

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    11, Agiou Mina Street

The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki, inaugurated in 2000, aims to select documents and memorabilia that survived through the Holocaust, research about the Jewish presence in Thessaloniki and commemorate the victims. Its vast collection includes: tomb stones from the ruined Jewish Cemetery, remaining parts from Synagogues demolished by the German occupation forces, religious relics, old and rare Hebrew publications, family memorabilia, ketubot, public and private documents related to World War II, private correspondence, clothing, fabrics, table-cloths, books and bank deposit books (up to 1940). Furthermore, the museum hosts the last preserved collection of pre-war family and school photos, through continuous donations, as well as, a significant collection of business documents in Thessaloniki.

The history of the Jewish presence in Thessaloniki is exhibited at the first floor, pointing out its religious, everyday and economic aspects, from the period of the first settlers up to World War II. A special exhibition gallery is dedicated to the Holocaust and its effects on the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki. One of the most impressive displays is the large collection of digital documents concerning the entrepreneurship of the city’s Jews.

The museum provides easy access to people with disabilities.