Cultural Center of Thessaloniki of MIET (National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation)


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    40.604818, 22.952628

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    108, Vas. Olgas Street

MIET holds mostly occasional exhibitions concerning art (painting and sculpture, photography, video and architecture) and history (based on the rich archive collection of ELIA-MIET), as a sole exhibitor or in collaboration with other institutions or organizations of Thessaloniki. The Center also holds lectures, book presentations of MIET Publications as well as other publishing houses, seminars and projections of slides, videos and films. In addition, it runs a bookshop which stocks all the publications of the Foundation, the National Bank and its Historic Archive. MIET is privileged to be housed in Villa Kapantzi, a unique late nineteenth century building, one of the few remaining mansions of Exohon District, which has been linked over the years with people and events that have left their mark on the city’s history.

Since 2008 an independent bookshop is owned by MIET, at 11, Tsimiski Street, remodeled to create a cozy environment, and includes publications of more than 100 foundations, Universities and institutions, apart from MIET, with a small exhibition hall in the upper floor for displaying occasionally the work of new artists.