Railway Museum of Thessaloniki


  • Coordinates:

    40.6668233, 22.8913732

  • Phone:

    (+30) 2310 599134

  • Address:

    7B, Nea Monastiriou Street, Military Station, Municipality of Eleftherio – Kordelio, Thessaloniki

  • Information:

    Wednesdays & Thursdays 10:00 – 13:00 (except Bank Holidays)

    Pre-scheduling of visits is recommended, particularly for groups of over 40 people

    Contact Telephone Number: 2310 733123 & 6972399873

One of the most famous wagons of Orient Express, a wagon-restaurant made in England in 1900, which travelled from Paris to Constantinople and inspired crime writer Agatha Christie, is hosted at the Railway Museum of Thessaloniki. Furthermore, the city’s railway past revives through a number of significant exhibits such as maps, audio signals transmission trumpets, ticket cancellation bells, magnetic telephones, a telegraph, lanterns, clocks, desks, type-writers, labels and everything else the Museum members have managed to collect. A piece of furniture-basin belonging to the “royal train” is also included in the collection, one of the few items still preserved from that particular train. The Railway Museum of Thessaloniki was designed by the Italian architect Pierro Arigoni and was inaugurated in 2001. It is housed at a restored 1894 building at the Dialogi Kordelio area, at the historic “Military Station” of a small Railway Stop.