Patsas (Tripe Soup) with mashed garlic & chilli flakes (homemade)


    The history of “patsas” in Thessaloniki begins 60 years ago. The preparation of tripe is a real rite and gives an energizing, tonic, hearty and delicious dish. The tripe was always the food of the poor people. The leg, abdomen, stomach (sardeni), colon, pancreas (ball), all from beef, are the five basic kinds entering the cauldron and boiled for several hours. A homemade tripe is a little different because housewives usually prefer pork legs, the bellies or pork head. Formerly there were many patsas shops in Thessaloniki while and the most are  and the most known is the patsa shop of Tsarouha. Chopped or coarsely chopped, with or without chilli flakes is always delicious.