Aristotle Square


    A Square risen from the ashes! The heart of the city beats in Aristotle Square, one of the most beautiful and biggest squares of Greece. Came out literally from the ashes, the square was created when the city was redesigned by the French architect Ernest Hébrard, after the fire that destroyed the center of Thessaloniki in 1917. The architecture of the colonnades and arches on the building facades followed European and Byzantine models and trends. Some of the most beautiful pieces embracing the square, are the impressive hollow building of the Electra Palace hotel on the west side and the Olympion cinema on the east side of the square, which is the seat of the Thessaloniki Film Festival. The cafés are crowded all day long while dozens of happenings and events are held in the square throughout the year. The ‘openness’ to the sea offers spectacular views, so it is a favorite meeting place and also a favorite place for relaxation and entertainment for both Thessalonians and visitors of the city.