• Coordinates:

    40.634876, 22.936483

Ladadika = Fun! The ultimate experience of all day and night entertainment, is listening to the name Ladadika! Used to be a commercial neighborhood and due to the wholesale it housed the oil depots by which got its name (oil = Ladi).

The region slowly fell into decline after the World War II, became infamous and almost abandoned. Yet, everything changed when in 1985 it was declared as a preservable area and its restructure began . The two-storey vivid coloured warehouses became cafes, stylish bars, restaurants, pubs, bistros, clubs, etc. and the pedestrian area flooded with sounds from all musical trends. As for the flavors, meticulously Greek and international dishes and the endless variety of traditional delicacies that highlight the great culinary tradition of Thessaloniki will amaze you! More here. Start your tour of the Morichovou and Katouni squares. The night is long at Ladadika and the fun lasts until morning, so arm yourself with fun and good mood and experience in ultimate extent what means Thessaloniki by night!