Walking through the streets of Thessaloniki you come across, not only many Greek Orthodox churches, but monasteries as well, since it is one of the first cities in Europe Apostle Paul taught, leaving back an ancient religious legacy. Some of the most popular spots are the paleo-christian and byzantine temples of unique architecture and internal decoration, which UNESCO included among the World Cultural Heritage Sites. Apart of these, in every neighborhood you can find even more orthodox churches, old or contemporary, offering spiritual guidance, both on religious level, as well as, humanistic one.

Since the time of its foundation, Thessaloniki was the crossroad where, for long periods of time, people of different religions and cultures, co-existed. Remaining pieces of this heritage can be viewed at the other Christian churches, synagogues still operating, old mosques, and the artifacts unearthed from the ancient Serapion for the worship of Egyptian divinities, at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki. The places of public worship in Thessaloniki remain open; so as to offer visitors the spirituality and the piety they seek.

Metropolitan Church of Saint Gregory Palamas

Its reconstruction was finally completed in 1914 thanks to the architectural designs of Ernst Ziller and the modifications of his greek colleague Xenofon Paionidis and it

Church of Acheiropoietos

The impressive church of the Acheiropoietos owes its name to the worshipful icon of the Virgin Mary, which according to tradition is not painted by human hand ('Acheiropo

Church of Saint Aikaterini

The church is dated in late 13th-early 14th century and was served as a Byzantine monastery catholicon (main church). It belongs to the type of complex cross-in-square ch

Church of Panayia Chalkeon

The bright red color of the bricks on the outside of the church is the characteristic feature which gave to the Church the popular nickname 'Red Church'. This church was

Church of Saint Nikolaos Orphanos

A small treasure of religious art is hidden at the Church of Aghios Nikolaos Orphanos, which was constructed in the early 14th century as the catholicon of a byzantine mo

Church of Saint Panteleimon

Close to Rotunda and Galerius’ Arch (Kamara), you can find the church of Aghios Panteleimon, a spiritual center in the 14th century, a place where the remarkable Hellenis

Church of Metamorphosis Sotiros

Between the churches of Panagia Gorgoepikoou and Ypapantis, you can find the small church of Metamorphosis tou Sotiros with great architectural interest as the rate is th

Church of Profitis Elias

Built over a natural mound, this 14th century church, once dominated the city. It is unique in the city for its type: four-columned inscribed cruciform in italics dances.

Church of Taxiarches

A 14th century, two-storey church with upper floor and a crypt. The sole existence of the crypt reinforces the argument that the church was initially a part of a monaster

Church of Osios David (Latomou Monastery)

The old catholicon of the Latomou Monastery, named after the nearby stone quarry, is a late 5th century church, dedicated to Osios David. Built in the type of inscribed c