Walking through the streets of Thessaloniki you come across, not only many Greek Orthodox churches, but monasteries as well, since it is one of the first cities in Europe Apostle Paul taught, leaving back an ancient religious legacy. Some of the most popular spots are the paleo-christian and byzantine temples of unique architecture and internal decoration, which UNESCO included among the World Cultural Heritage Sites. Apart of these, in every neighborhood you can find even more orthodox churches, old or contemporary, offering spiritual guidance, both on religious level, as well as, humanistic one.

Since the time of its foundation, Thessaloniki was the crossroad where, for long periods of time, people of different religions and cultures, co-existed. Remaining pieces of this heritage can be viewed at the other Christian churches, synagogues still operating, old mosques, and the artifacts unearthed from the ancient Serapion for the worship of Egyptian divinities, at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki. The places of public worship in Thessaloniki remain open; so as to offer visitors the spirituality and the piety they seek.

Vlatadon Monastery

A monastery of great importance since it is the only byzantine monastery in the city operating until today. According to tradition, it was built at the exact spot where A


Rotunda, one of the most important and imposing monuments of Thessaloniki, with its architectural strength and its wall mosaics of incomparable a