Ancient Stagira


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    40.530495, 23.751122

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    Up to 3 hours

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    Regional Unit of Halkidiki

Ancient Stagira, the place where the great Greek philosopher Aristotle was born, is located approximately 500 meters southeast of the current Olympiada village, on a small, mountainous peninsula, which is called “Liotopi”. It was founded by Andrians settlers around 655 BC. Later other settlers from Halkida arrived. In the archaeological area you can admire the city walls, the Acropolis at the top of the southern hill, the ancient temple and the Holly temple from the 6th century BC, the ancient circular building that was probably dedicated to the goddess Demeter, Hellenistic residential segments, the water supply pipe and the water tank, Gallery of classic years, cobbled road, parts of the Byzantine fortifications. You will need at least 2-3 hours to see all of them and the route from the coastal path will reward you with wonderful landscapes. In the summer there are musical and artistic events called ‘Aristotelian’, continuing the ancient celebration and exploiting this very nice site.