“Alsos” (Grove) of Aristotle


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    40.529028, 23.747536

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    Up to 3 hours

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    Regional Unit of Halkidiki

How about experimenting with some practical theory? Indulge yourself with the Grove’s unique interactive instruments, implementing the natural laws which are included in the writings of Aristotle, especially in his book, Natural. Thousands of tourists come in Stagira, in an amazing location, where is the grove of Aristotle, to experiment with the sundial, the quintette, compact discs, the water turbine and other interactive equipment in a unique combination of education and entertainment. Kids will love it! In the Grove of Aristotle you can still admire the imposing statue created by the sculptor Nikolas while in 2014 the new Acropolis Museum in Athens presented the famous bust of Aristotle which was discovered in 2005 during the excavations of his land. In the area there is a café-restaurant with spectacular views of the gulf of Ierissos and Mount Athos.