Municipality of Delta


  • Coordinates:

    40.37342, 22.47214

  • Category:


  • Hour(s) - distance:

    Up to 1 hour

  • Prefecture:

    Regional Unit of Thessaloniki

Τhe estuaries of the Gallicos, Axios and Loudias Rivers provide plenty of opportunities for outdoor experiences and rare bird sightings, combined with religious tourism and meticulous historical research of Macedonia’s course over the centuries. You can also enjoy the sight of pink flamingoes at Kalohori Lagoon, as well as discover the natural shelter of the imposing water buffaloes at the Gallicos River Delta. The Axios River Delta Information Center, located at Halastra town, provide supplementary material and eco-tourist maps of suggested routes. Moreover, Halastra beach offers an one of a kind live experience of participating at the mussels’ harvesting process at the mussel farmers’ rustic huts. Additionally, you can visit the Church the of Assumption of Mary, that exhibits the wooden Epitaph sculpture rescued by the refugees after the Asia Minor Disaster at Sindos Town. The Monastery of the Nativity of Mary Gorgoepikoos located at the Samli region of Nea Magnesia, is a famous pilgrimage of the miraculous Icon of Mary Gorgoepikoos painted in 1913 at Mount Athos by Russian artists, while the Temple of Saint Demetrius at Halastra hosts the crypt that served as an ammunition storehouse by the Greek fighters during the Macedonian Struggle. Last but not least, you can buy traditional, handmade rustic products such as frumenty, Greek noodles, cookies, local desserts, jams and marmalades at the premises of the “Valmada” women’s agricultural cooperative at Anatolico town.

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