The city in the morning


    Busy during the day, vibrant and exiting by night and always with a relaxed mood, Thessaloniki is loved by its guests for this unique atmosphere and vibe. Time and ‘rules’ have no place in Thessaloniki. The day begins with a bougatsa (sweet custard pie with phyllo filled) , a bagel or a fresh spinach pie and of course coffee. Nobody here starts the day without coffee, since the coffee ‘frappe’, the favorite beverage of the city, was invented in Thessaloniki! More here

    You can enjoy your coffee in one of the thousands cafés of the city, all day long! You only need to choose where! You can have your coffee in the city center, by the sea, in student hangouts or at Ano Poli (Upper part of Town), enjoying the panoramic view of the city. The Thessalonians always combine coffee with shopping in the city’s busy market. Chance for a little shopping therapy! All roads lead to the sea! In the large coastal forehead – also a part of Thessaloniki‘s city center – you can walk along with other visitors and the locals. Take a relaxing walk by the sea, enjoy the sun and pose for a selfie! Sounds good, don’t you think? When it comes to lunch, time is not an issue. In the snack bars, taverns and restaurants of the city, you can choose between a wide variety of tastes, anytime you want. Nobody goes to rest without a delicious dessert! Thessaloniki is famous for its’ sweet temptations. You can find them in patisseries or taste them in a café.