Ferry connection

For information regarding routes of passenger ships please contact the following numbers: 2313 325 821, 822, 823, 824: Central Port Authority2310 500 800: Dimitriadis I

Thessaloniki roadplan and sights map

Download Thessaloniki roadplan and sights map here.

City Lockers

City Lockers is the only automatic left luggage facility in the city of Thessaloniki that operates 24 hours 7 days a week, and you may find it possible to book from just


Lockerbox provides luggage storage services as well as shopping bag storage for visitors who want to enjoy the city bag free. Apart from our core business, Lockerbox can

Ottoman Route of Thessaloniki

Download the "Ottoman Route of Thessaloniki" ciy guide in Turkish here .

Thessaloniki-Secrets Edition

Find the "Secrets of Thessaloniki" in Serbian language here .

Thessaloniki Travel


Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki information leaflets

The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki  welcomes you with information leaflets in 20 languages.  Download it here.