Discover Thessaloniki by riding a bicycle! City touring becomes even more enjoyable through a network of bicycle lanes bearing the special marking! The bike sharing system in the Municipality of Thessaloniki, named I-BIKE, of THESSBIKE company, holds eight stations and a fleet of 200 bicycles, including two- seater, four-seater, electric bikes and vehicles for the handicapped. More here.

    In the center of Thessaloniki you may find a fully equipped bike store, where you can rent a bike, arrange a bike tour, repair your bike. More here.

    Another company in the field of renting bikes is BikeIT, based in Nea Paralia of Thessaloniki, where you can select from a wide range of bicycle types. More here.

    Riding tours are also available for individuals, groups, clubs etc, in or out of the city, according to your preferences. More here