Outdoor sculpture provides its own artistic and historic touch to Thessaloniki’s cultural identity. Meet the heroes, benefactors and charismatic leaders throughout the historic sculptures, as well as more contemporary approaches serving artistic and decorative purposes. A number of them enjoy great popularity among tourists, wonderful photo souvenirs to take back home with you or share with your friends at social media!

You are just one click away from the most celebrated sculptures of Thessaloniki guide!

Statue of Philip II

The bronze statue displays the strength and determination of the Macedonian king.

Statue of Aristotle

The statue of the Greek philosopher appears to be holding a pergamine paper in his left hand, while his right one rests with serenity on a higher marble base.

Statue of Eleftherios Venizelos

The statue of the greatest Greek politician in Modern History of Greece thus created to emphasize on his charismatic leadership and extraordinary personality.

Statue of Alexander the Great

The largest in height statue in Greece pays tribute to the Great Greek King. The imposing artwork is accompanied by a frieze ornamented with relief figures, eight Macedon