Outdoor sculpture provides its own artistic and historic touch to Thessaloniki’s cultural identity. Meet the heroes, benefactors and charismatic leaders throughout the historic sculptures, as well as more contemporary approaches serving artistic and decorative purposes. A number of them enjoy great popularity among tourists, wonderful photo souvenirs to take back home with you or share with your friends at social media!

You are just one click away from the most celebrated sculptures of Thessaloniki guide!

Sculpture entitled “Library”

Books form geometrical patterns to accommodate human images.

Sculpture entitled “World of Innovation”

It suggests the international character of HELEXPO – D.E.Th.

Sculpture entitled “The footstep of the Macedonian”

The upper part is a composition of tiles and pebbles, while the lower one, the “Footstep of the Macedonian” seems to stride over the medal sign at the left of the base.


The huge steel saw surfacing from the earth symbolizes the great differences that separate humans, perceptions and cultures destroying links for communication.


One of the most photographed spots of Thessaloniki, it accompanies walkers and bike-riders throughout their everyday strolls alongside the Waterfront.

Bust of Vasilis Tsitsanis

It honors the great Greek popular composer.

Bust of Nikolaos Germanos

This bust was dedicated to one of the founders of International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki

Bust of Manolis Andronikos

In honor of the Greek archaeologist who unearthed one of the most significant ancient sites, the sealed tomb of Macedonian king Phillip II, father of Alexander the Great,

Bust of Ioannis Papafis

It is dedicated to the great Thessalonian benefactor, founder of Papafeio Orphanage of Thessaloniki.

Pontian Greeks Genocide Memorial

The statue of a seated woman who appears to hold her head in despair, pointing out the tragic events that took place.