Outdoor sculpture provides its own artistic and historic touch to Thessaloniki’s cultural identity. Meet the heroes, benefactors and charismatic leaders throughout the historic sculptures, as well as more contemporary approaches serving artistic and decorative purposes. A number of them enjoy great popularity among tourists, wonderful photo souvenirs to take back home with you or share with your friends at social media!

You are just one click away from the most celebrated sculptures of Thessaloniki guide!

National Resistance Memorial

It is a tribute to the heroes of the Greek Resistance during World War II aiming to commemorate their courage and sacrifice.

Holocaust Memorial

This 1997 sculpture depicts the seven-branched lampstand (menorah) and flames in a complex of human bodies. It was placed at Eleftherias Square, due to the fact that is t

Statue of Theodoros Kolokotronis

This emblematic statue of the commanding officer of the 1821 Greek Revolution depicts him holding a scimitar in his right hand.

Statue of Pavlos Melas

The statue of the great Macedonian fighter depicts the hero of Macedonian Struggle in regimental uniform standing and staring with pride. It was sculptured by his grandda

Cross (dedicated to Cyril and Methodius)

A cross ornamented with ecclesiastical reliefs at one side and the raised names of Cyril and Methodius at the other.

Cyril and Methodius Column

The column entitled “Book – Temple” forms a gate. It is open book shaped with pages depicting Cyril and Methodius. The base of the column symbolizes the door to knowledge

Armenian Cross Stone

The traditional Armenian hatskar cross was offered by the Armenian government to Thessaloniki as an acknowledgement of the city’s aid towards the Armenian people.


A minimalistic sculpture that reaches towards the sky.


A sculpture comprised by bright colored geometrical forms

Abstract Sculpture

The large consecutive bulks compose a versatile synthesis which gracefully ascends towards heaven.