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    Regional Unit of Imathia

Aigai, is located in the place of the current Vergina, of the Municipality of Veria. It is the first city of the Macedonians, the core of the ancient Kingdom and the place where for more than three centuries reigned the family of Philip II and Alexander the Great. Here Alexander was proclaimed king and decided to start in the spring of 334 BC his great campaign that sealed the fate of the ancient world. Over the years, Aigai passed on the sidelines until 1977, when the excavations of Manolis Andronikos brought to the surface the hidden treasures of the area.

The archaeological site with the Royal Tombs Museum is an impressive underground construction which is externally in the form of an earth mound and it is listed as UNESCO World Heritage site with huge glow.

Here are hosted the most important portable finds from the graves, which are exposed next to the graves that contained them. Among them the golden shrine of Philip II, personal belongings of the King of the Macedonians and golden oak and myrtle wreaths worn by the dead. The unique murals such as that of vivid representation of the abduction of Persephone, reveal the achievements in painting and art in the years of the glorious Macedonian Kingdom.