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    40.518371, 22.206114

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    Up to 2 hours

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    Regional Unit of Imathia

Built on the foothills of Mount Vermio and northeast surrounded by the slopes of the Pieria Mountains and the River Aliakmon, Veria is widely known for its rich and long history. It is an important religious destination since in the city stands the Step of Apostle Paul, the place where 2000 years ago the Apostle to the Nations conveyed the message of Christ to the residents of Veria, Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches, Ottoman religious monuments and the oldest Jewish synagogue in North Greece, proof that the city was an important religious crossroad from ancient times until today.

Make sure to try the local cuisine with influences from Asia Minor, Vlach and Pontic tradition, the “intoxicating” grape marc and regional wines and juicy syrupy sweets such as the famous local Revani!