The Mindtrap

Dare to open the door of the greatest Escape Room in Europe? Nine rooms constitute nine different thematic worlds, with thousands of riddles and mysteries waiting to be s


You’ve got only 60 minutes to escape from rooms each constituting a riddle that needs to be solved. Rooms with a fascinating scenario and unique decoration with emphasis

Mediterranean Cosmos

The Mediterranean Cosmos is the largest shopping center in northern Greece. With 200 shops, 30 cafes and restaurants and 6,000 brands is a city within the city, providing

WE Multiplex

Culture meet sports at the ''WE'' multiplex. Perform aerial acrobatics, ski and snowboard all year long, climb a wall, and many many more, without leaving the city center


33rd International exhibition of building materials, insulation, joinery, plumbing, preconstruction and technology (11.02.2016 - 14.02.2016)


1st International Exhibition of heating and air conditioning, ventilation systems, water supply, sanitary equipment, environmental technology, pool & renewable energy


(12.10.2016 - 01.07.2017)


26th International Exhibition of agricultural machinery, equipment and supplies (01.28.2016 - 01.31.2016)

Art Thessaloniki

1st Art Thessaloniki - International art fair (12.01.2016 - 12.04.2016)


(12/01/2016 – 14/01/2016)