Municipalities and Carnival events

Kalamaria: In the Municipality of Kalamaria the events start from “Tsiknopempti” and they have a more traditional attitude as there is a cooperation with local cultural A

Carnival in Thessaloniki

During this year’s Carnival, all the roads of Thessaloniki will lead to Sohos. The most outstanding celebration of Central Macedonia, maybe also of the whole No

Run Hike

RUN HIKE has been created to offer alternative athletic tourism services, at the highest professional standards, structured around the principles of responsibility and cu

The magic of Christmas has the glow of Thessaloniki

“Every year is better than the last one.” cried the elf of Thessaloniki and opened old Scrooge’s chest. And suddenly exquisite Christmas melodies, furious dancers, goblin


The Prototype Athletic Centre of Thessaloniki called OLYMPIADA, was established in January 2012, with the Athletics Academy being its Foundation including more than 120 a

Let’s meet in Thessaloniki

Discover Thessaloniki by bicycle! Together with a local English speaking tour leader, we will take you to the hotspots and help you to get around. Are you a food lover an


Explore Thessaloniki as a RUNNER. Set the pace and leave the rest to us! We will show you the city, its monuments and unique beauty in the way we love most, RUNNING! It’s

City Bikes Thessaloniki is the new bike store in Thessaloniki, the very first one located in the heart of the city and the only that offers a full range of services relative to the

Outdoor training in the city

Enjoy the outdoor training, throughout the year, without leaving the city. Physis Outdoor Training hosts functional training activities, such as yoga, bicycle, Pilates, s


Solve the crime mysteries, entertain yourself with role-play and indoor or outdoor interactive games designed by Gamecraft. Experimental steps enriched by art elements su