The thematic routes will reveal cultures and traditions left behind by ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, Jews but also holy figures of Christianity, Thessaloniki’s past and present, by unrolling a fascinating story of 2300 years!

Church of Aghios Pavlos (Church of St. Paul)

Majestic Church dedicated to Apostle Paul was built in the district of Aghios Pavlos in Thessaloniki, just above the Apostle Paul's Holy Water.

Apostle Paul’s Holy Water

East of the position where now Vlatades monastery stands used to be a spring. It is said that Apostle Paul stopped there to drink some water. Every year at this spring, w

Apostle Paul in Thessaloniki

When Paul arrived in Thessaloniki, he came across a city like no other, large, multiracial, seat of the governor of the Macedonian province, a city that enjoyed special p

School of Aristotle, Isvoria Naousa

At the archaeological site of Nympheon, Isvoria, in the broader area of ancient Mieza, in a gorgeous natural landscape, with running waters, deeply-shaded caves and thick

Grove of Aristotle

There is nothing better than theory being applied in practice! How about indulging yourself with the Grove’s unique interactive instruments, implementing the natural laws

Stageira: Modern settlement

Built in the foothills of Stratonic Mountain, with an altitude of approximately 500 metres and 89 kilometres to Thessaloniki, the settlement attracts many visitors, espec

The life and achievements of Aristotle

Aristotle was born in Stageira in 384 BC, a city under the jurisdiction of the Macedonian king. His father Nikomachos was the personal physician, friend and advisor of Ki

Military Cemetery of the British Commonwealth – Mikra Thessaloniki

Designed by Robert Lorimer. It contains the graves of 1,810 soldiers of the British Army and Navy, as well as, 149 soldiers of other nationalities. You will also find a m

Military Cemetery of the British Commonwealth – Exohi Thessaloniki

It started operating in 1916. Since many hospital units were located in the area, most of the soldiers buried in the cemetery were victims of Spanish Influenza. It curren

Indian Cemetery of the British Commonwealth – Dendropotamos Thessaloniki

It is the only Indian cemetery in Greece. It contains the bodies of Indian soldiers who died during the Great War from 1916 to 1920, that is, 384 Hindu, 107 Indian Musli