With an ideal location, Thessaloniki can become the base for discovering the speactacular beauty of Northern Greece. Cultural treasures of global interest, religious pilgrimages, nature, various activities are waiting for you and even within walking distance from the city. See what you can do only in half, one or two hours from Thessaloniki and plan your next trip!

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With the recent discovery of the magnificent monument of Macedonian burial Tomb Kasta in Amphipolis, the city became the first topic in the news worldwide. Even if the mo

Lagadas baths

With Byzantine origin, the thermal baths of Lagadas in the Prefecture of Thessaloniki, offer natural care and relaxation in a green environment. The thermal spring water

Cave of Alistrati

The Cave of Alistrati is one of the finest and largest in Greece. From the impressive vestibule, 8 m high, to the entrance of the cave, two main galleries start with high

Axios Delta National Park

On the west coast of the Thermaiκοs gulf lies one of the most important ecosystems in Greece and in Europe: the Axios Delta National Park. Beginning just 10 klms southwes

Lake Kerkini

In the prefecture of Serres, you can find the Lake Kerkini with its unique nature preserve, which was declared National Park under the International Ramsar Convention and

Lagoons of Epanomi and Aggelochori

The two protected areas of the Municipality of Thermaikos included in the NATURA 2000 Network (lagoon of Epanomi and Aggelochori), with 178 rare protected bird species an

Loutraki Thermal Baths (Pozar)

Located in Almopia municipality, 13km northwest of Aridea. The thermal waters with a constant temperature of 37th C, gush over thousands of years from the mountain, with

Beaches of Thessaloniki

There are 10 and very well organized beaches with crystal clear waters, at a distance of 50 km away from the coastline of the Municipality of Thermaikos, full of lif

Cave Waterfalls

The Cave Waterfalls is one of the rarest in Greece and the world. The primary Cave Waterfalls shows the foundations and the way of construction of Edessa rock over the ce

Ski center of Elatochori

With spectacular views of Mount Olympus and Aliakmonas River, the Ski center of Elatochori is located on the northeast side of the Pieria Mountains at an altitude of 1450