With an ideal location, Thessaloniki can become the base for discovering the speactacular beauty of Northern Greece. Cultural treasures of global interest, religious pilgrimages, nature, various activities are waiting for you and even within walking distance from the city. See what you can do only in half, one or two hours from Thessaloniki and plan your next trip!

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Wax Museum of Theodoros Kokkinidis

Wax replicas of famous personalities both from Greece and abroad are hosted in this special Wax Museum outside of Eleftheroupoli town.


Aigai, is located in the place of the current Vergina, of the Municipality of Veria. It is the first city of the Macedonians, the core of the ancient Kingdom and the plac

Archaeological site of Philippi

The city was named after King Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great, in 356 BC .It includes ruins of Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and early Christian pe


Built on the foothills of Mount Vermio and northeast surrounded by the slopes of the Pieria Mountains and the River Aliakmon, Veria is widely known for its rich and long

Lailias ski center

The ski center of Lailias is 27 km away from the city of Serres, in the mountain range of Vrontous and at an altitude of 1600 meters. It has one main ski sloap of 1,000 m

Mausoleum of Gazi Evrenos

Gazi Evrenos, the important Bey and commander of Ottoman history died on November 17, 1417 and was buried in this mausoleum, which became a place of pilgrimage for Muslim

Serres Racing Circuit

The Serres Racing Circuit is the only track in the country, as well as in the Balkans, which meets the design specifications of the International Automobile Federation an

“Alsos” (Grove) of Aristotle

How about experimenting with some practical theory? Indulge yourself with the Grove’s unique interactive instruments, implementing the natural laws which are included in

Fort Roupel

Fort Roupel is placed near the Greek-Bulgarian Boarders in an area of 6100 m2. It was one of the final forts that held against the German attack during the World War II.

Ancient Stagira

Ancient Stagira, the place where the great Greek philosopher Aristotle was born, is located approximately 500 meters southeast of the current Olympiada village,