With an ideal location, Thessaloniki can become the base for discovering the speactacular beauty of Northern Greece. Cultural treasures of global interest, religious pilgrimages, nature, various activities are waiting for you and even within walking distance from the city. See what you can do only in half, one or two hours from Thessaloniki and plan your next trip!

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Edessa waterfalls

Having the most spectacular waterfall of Greece falling from a height of 70 m., the Karano, (named after the first king of Macedonia), Edessa is rightly called the 'cit

Beaches in Pieria

Pieria means Olympus, the imposing mountain of Gods, also means culture and history, as evidenced by the sacred city of the Macedonians, the anci

Archaeological Site of Pella

Ancient Pella was the capital of the Macedonian state from the end of the 5th to the early 4th century BC. The archaeological site of Pella, includes part of the residen

Castle of Platamonas

One of the finest and best preserved castles of Greece, Castle of Platamonas is castle - city of the Middle Byzantine period (10th century AD), built on the southeastern

Cave of Saint Georgios

It is located in the foothills of the Hill of Agios Georgios and it is ranked among the most remarkable caves in Greece. It covers an area of over 1000 sqm and 300 m tota

Ski Resort of 3-5 Pigadia

Ski Resort of 3-5 Pigadia is situated on the west side of Mount Vermio at an altitude of 1430-2005 m. In addition to winter sports, it offers a variety of activities (hik

Ancient Dion

At the foothills of Olympus there is the ancient Dion, sacred town of the Macedonians where at the shrine of Olympian Zeus, Alexander the Great offered magnificent sacrif

Baths of Pikrolimni

The Thermal Baths of Pikrolimni, in the prefecture of Kilkis, combine innovative treatment methods such as: Mud, Mud cure, Hydropathy, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, dri

Seli Ski Centre

The Ski Centre of Seli, located at an altitude of 1530m, is the first organized ski center in Greece. Operating since 1934, when it also hosted the first Greek National s


The residence of the twelve gods of antiquity is the highest mountain in Greece and its top, called Mytikas, reaches 2,918 meters. Routes, special hospitable shelters, pa