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Thessaloniki was the European Capital of Culture in 1997 and remains a city with intense cultural activity. As evidenced by the dozens of museums, theaters, the Multiplex of art, the Concert Hall, the outdoor sculpture and music heritage, Thessaloniki produces culture and moves with strength and versatility, having a restive workforce, its residents, creating and many times pioneering at the cultural life of Greece. Search and discover places and people and why not, become yourselves part of that creativity!

Baked Quinces (Kidonia Psita)

Baked Quinces (Kidonia Psita) Ingredients 4 large quinces 3 cups sugar 1 + ½ cups sweet red wine 2 cups Coca-Cola 10 cloves 2 cinnamon sticks Whipped cream Preparation Sp

Rooster in red wine and bay leaves (Kokkoras Krasatos)

Rooster in red wine and bay leaves (Kokkoras Krasatos with Dafni) Ingredients 1 rooster cut in portions ½ cup olive oil 1 onion cut in cubes 2 cloves of garlic, finely ch

Bakaliaros (Cod)

Fish of the poor once the "bakaliaros", quickly became a favorite food for the Thessalonians. Traditionally cooked in festivals and national Days such as March 25, Palm S

Patsas (Tripe Soup) with mashed garlic & chilli flakes (homemade)

The history of "patsas" in Thessaloniki begins 60 years ago. The preparation of tripe is a real rite and gives an energizing, tonic, hearty and delicious dish. The tripe

Tsoureki Thessaloniki (Brioche)

Thessaloniki is undoubtedly the "Queen of brioche". Sweet temptation with fragrant aroma, fantastic taste and enthusiastic fans has exceeded the boundaries of the city an

Trigona from Panorama

The story " Trigona from Panorama" still exists for 50 years. The Thessalonians, especially on Sundays, go uphill in Panorama (northern suburb of Thessaloniki) to enjoy t

Loukoumades – Greek deep-fried Donuts with honey and cinnamon

The donuts are the favorite snack of the Thessalonians. In the city's donut shops you will find a wide variety of donuts. Their excellent taste make crazy all ages. You c


Fast food in Thessaloniki has a name: Gyros! Made from pork or chicken, marinated with spicy seasonings, well grilled and crispy, it is certainly one of the most tasty d

Bougatsa of Thessaloniki (sweet pie with cream)

40 years ago "bougatsa" pie became known in Thessaloniki when some craftsmen from Serres settled here. Within a few years the city was full of bougatsa shops. The prepara

Thessaloniki’s bagel

Favorite breakfast snack of the Thessalonians, began to be manufactured in our city by Greek refugees from Asia Minor. It is one of the healthiest sources of carbohydrate